Congratulations on your 2018 Graduation!

To celebrate your great achievement, Eurocom would like to congratulate each and every graduate by offering them a golden opportunity- the E-GRADS2018 promotion! For the summer (June 30 - August 31), all graduates from middle school, high school and university are eligible for an Exclusive Education discount: 20% off the amazing Tornado F5, a system voted by our followers as the system to have this year!
Inspired by craftsmen of old, the Tornado F5 offers top-of-class durability with its extremely sturdy aluminum alloy case coated with high quality German-manufactured resins. Through decades of experience and meticulous attention to detail, Eurocom has created a system that can easily handle the hardships of daily usage and ultimately withstand the test of time.

The Tornado F5 has a fully-upgradeable modular GPU and socket based CPUs: it is the perfect storm of customization and power. Whether you want to be an architect, engineer, or a developer (gaming or otherwise), the Tornado F5 can fit all your needs. It is the most diverse system on the market, where you have the choice of GeForce or Quadro cards, a Xeon or i7 processor, and you can even run Linux, Windows 7, or Windows 10 operating systems. Your laptop has never been faster with up to 64GB of RAM!

Mechanically, modern laptops are effectively sealed units with components that are on-board and unserviceable. Though cheaper in price, these systems can limit users of an unfiltered computing experience. The Tornado F5 is fully-customizable: all of its parts are changeable, serviceable and can easily be upgraded to better and newer components at a fraction of the cost.

 Tornado F5 Grads2018 Graduation Program Rules

To use this special promotion, graduates must email with proof of graduation during the year 2018 after making their order.

This can be an image of a diploma or transcripts from the school he/she graduated from. This promotion is open to all graduates from any level. Whether they’re from middle school, high school, college or university- all graduates can take part in this awesome promotion!

The exclusive Grads2018 discount will appear in the billing document after the proof has been provided.

College & Universities

You deserve a high performance machine that can keep up with the demands of your education (and to stay ahead your peers).

Elementary & High School

All Eurocom systems are designed intelligently. The earlier you start, the more flexible and intelligent you will become!

Post Graduation & Beyond

The learning, research and development doesn't stop: a high end Eurocom system enables you the competitive advantage you need to create and succeed long-term.
How to submit your order and get 10% discount

1. Review our laptop line-up and choose your ideal Eurocom system!

2. Configure it to your needs & place your Order by clicking “Order”.

3. Enter into the "configuration instructions" the name of your
Education Institution, Faculty and your Student ID card #.

4. Place order by clicking “Order” at bottom of screen.
You will be sent an email containing your “Order Confirmation Number”.

5. Send an email to including your “Order Confirmation Number” along with proof of your enrollment in the form of a photo of your student card, admission letter, or any valid proof of enrollment.

6. We will apply 10% discount before processing your payment. The discount will be given before taxes and shipping charges.

7. You will receive a confirmation email from Eurocom in regards to payment being processed & your system being shipped.

8. Register your notebook and check back with Eurocom for new deals, future upgrades & exciting news!

Who is eligible

The Eurocom Student program is available to students (Elementary, High School, College or University) and post graduates (within 1 year). The program is not limited to any specific locale or country: if you are a student or recent grad, you are eligible!

Students or post grads can have a family member make the purchase on their behalf.

 Champions: Witness what the Eurocom Education Program has helped students from around the world achieve.

Payment & Shipping

The best way to pay is with a Bank Payment. We also accept all major credit cards, or PayPal.

Once you place your order and pay, our expert technicians build your system before stress testing it to ensure it is up to our top quality standards. This process can take up to two days before we ship the system to your location.

After you place your order and the system is ready to ship you will be sent the tracking number of your shipment, allowing you to follow the progress of the package on its way to you!