Launching Raptor X15: Powered by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti with 8GB DDR6 and by Intel 12th generation LGA1700 desktop processors (up to i9-12900K)
Take the system of your dreams, anywhere.
Finally you can deck out a true Mobile Supercomputer with desktop-grade CPU and graphics processor - experience the power of a desktop CPU and a desktop GPUs in a laptop form factor.

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LCD Size: 17.3in / 43.9cmEUROCOM Sky Z7 R2

 Weight: 3.8kg / 8.36lbs   Thickness: 1.76in / 44mm

Choice of 17.3in FHD @300Hz, QHD @165Hz or UHD @60Hz eDP LCD panels

LCD Size: 15.6in / 39.62cmEUROCOM Raptor X15

 Weight: 2.6kg / 5.7lbs   Thickness: 1.3in

15.6in; 240Hz FHD 1920-by-1080 or 165Hz QHD 2560-by-1440 pixels

LCD Size: 17.3in / 43.9cmEUROCOM Sky X7C

 Weight: 3.9kg / 8.58lbs   Thickness: 1.6in / 39.9mm

17.3in; UHD 60Hz; QHD 120Hz or FHD 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz

For the most discerning user, the Sky X7C provides a perfect balance of power and mobility. This all-round, GPU and CPU upgradeable, performer will run the most demanding games and professional software while keeping its cool.

The socketed, LGA1151 unlocked i9 9900K, i7 9700K or 8700K CPU will ensure you get the most out of your machine. Your choice of slot-based, MXM 3.1 NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards (GTX 1080, 1070, 1060 or RTX 2080 and 2070), will ensure you get the most out of your games and/or professional software.



LCD Size: 17.3in / 43.9cmEUROCOM Sky X9C

 Weight: 5.5kg/ 12.1lbs   Thickness: 1.88in / 47.2mm

17.3in: UHD 60Hz; QHD 120Hz or FHD 60Hz, 120Hz, 144Hz

A beacon of power and performance, the Sky X9C is the most powerful laptop in the entire world. This unlocked, upgradable powerhouse is designed with one core value in mind: freedom. Freedom to choose what components you want and the freedom to overclock your CPU and GPU(s) to get the most out of your system.

Most of all, the Sky X9C will give you the freedom to run whatever programs, games, and applications you want on the highest settings. The Sky X9C will not compromise on giving you outstanding performance.



Scan the world with advanced imaging
processing on the go.
Mining and Quarrying

Calculate complex geometric models with PhotoScan software running on Eurocom hardware; get the accurate DEMs for volume calculation and process them on your Mobile Supercomputer on the ground. Or process them in the air in-flight during flybys for instant results on tracking, soil erosion and glacier studies.

A Mobile Supercomputer is an indespensible part of GIS workflows and UAV systems.
Surveying and Mapping

PhotoScan is used for aerial triangulation, dense point cloud and orthomosaic generation - combined with Eurocom Mobile Supercomputers it is the perfect toolset for on-site and off-site processing.

PhotoScan running on Mobile Supercomputer is capable of dense point cloud generation and classification for further high-resolution orthomosaics, exceptionally detailed DSMs/DTMs, and polygonal models of large scale objects.
Agriculture and Environmental Management

Customizable vegetation index calculation, panchromatic, multispectral and thermal imagery support anywhere in the word from diverse sources by integrating a Mobile Supercomputer into your workflow.

Render multispectral orthomosaics with the fastest mobile hardware available.