Alienware M18x R2
18in LCD Panel

Alienware M18x R2 (Early 2012)

  • Graphics: Upgradeable MXM 3.0b; single GPU
  • Processor: socket based 3rd generation Intel CPU (up to 3840QM)
  • AC Adapter: 330W standard for all GPUs
  • VGA Heatsink: standard 2-pipe (75W); 3-pipe (100W) is required for 100W GPUs
  • O/S Supported: Windows 7 and 8x and 10
  • BIOS Required: A11 (unlocked)

    GTX 9xxM series is supported only in Windows 8x and 10 UEFI Mode (BIOS A10); SLI is supported. GTX 9xxM series is NOT SUPPORTED in Windows 7.

    To use the GTX 1060 MXM3 GPU module you MUST be running in OPTIMUS mode with unlocked BIOS. Also heatsink will require modification to accommodate GTX 1060.
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    Base Configuration
      BIOS Service UNLOCKED BIOS with Overclocking Capabilities
      GPU-1 Upgrade Kit (Primary)
      GPU-2 Upgrade Kit (Secondary)
      GPU-1 Heatsink (Primary)
      GPU-2 Heatsink (Secondary)
      Extra X-bracket / GPU Supporter
      Extra Thermal Pads
      Extra Screws for X-Bracket
      Thermal Paste
      VGA Cables (SLI / CrossFire)

      Primary GPU / VGA Fan

      AC Adapter