12.1-inch TFT VGA 640-by-480 pixel resolution active display

choice of socket-7 processors up to 400 MHz AMD K6-2/choice of 2.5-inch hard drives up to 48 GB/upgradeable memory up to 256 MB SDRAM/choice of CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
Launch Date:early 1999
Phase Out Date:Phased Out
Special Feature(s):Excellent entry-level notebook
Main Chipset:i430 TX
Spindle Design:3-spindels design (FDD, CD-ROM and HDD)
Processor:Intel Pentium (MMX) / AMD K6-2
Processor Cache:32/512
Socket Type/Spec:Socket 7
Processor Speed(s):Pentium 233MMX, K6-2 400MHz (Max)
Video Memory/Type:4 MB SGRAM video
Video / GPU:PCI / S3 ViRGE MX
Display:12.1"/SVGA/TFT, 13.3"-14.1"/XGA/TFT
Memory:up to 256 MB SDRAM
RAM Type/Spec/Pinout:2x SO DIMM 144-pin 3.3V RAM sockets
RAM Configuration(s):from 8 to 256 MB
Total Storage:up to 12GB
1st HDD: Max capacity/height/interface:10GB/12.4mm
2nd HDD: Max capacity/height/interface:N/A
Internal Floppy Drive:3.5" FDD
1st Optical Drive Bay height/options:24x CD-ROM /4x DVD-ROM
DVD-ROM Module:2 x DVD (optional)
CD-Burner (WxRWxR):N/A
Operating Systems Supported:Windows 9x, Windows NT 4.0
Audio Architecture:16-bit audio
Audio Chipset/Spec:ESS ES1869
Internal Speaker(s):2/1
Audio-in / Line-in:1
Headphone Out/Jack:1
Internal Modem Type/ Spec:N/A
Security:1x MicroSaver slot
AC Adapter/Model #/Max Output:110-240V
Carrying Case:Included
PC Card Architecture/Chipset:2 slots, 32-bit CardBus
# of slots/Type/Voltage:2x Type II / 1x Type III
Zoom Video Port:1x Zoomed Video CApable PCMCIA Socket
Extra 1st Battery Pack:N/A
Optional 2nd Battery Bracket:N/A
Optional Car Adapter:optional
Internal LS-120 Drive:N/A
Optional Modem:N/A
Optional Port Replicator:N/A
FireWire (IEEE1394):N/A
External Monitor:1x
TV-Out (chipset/spec):N/A
Parallel Port /Spec:1x
Serial Port:1x
USB # of ports/Version:2x
IrDA (location/spec):1x
PS/2 Port:1x
Port Replicator Connector:N/A
Internal Modem Interface:N/A
Internal Keyboard:84-key
Numeric Keypad:embedded
Multi-language Keyboard(s):optional
Pointing Device:touchpad
1st Battery: # of cells; capacity; life:up to 2 hrs, dumb NiMH or smart Li-Ion battery
2nd Battery # of cells; capacity; life:N/A
Weight:3kg /w battery
Dimensions WxDxH:302mm x 249mm x 46mm