EUROCOM Trade in Program
The EUROCOM Trade up Program allows businesses, government, healthcare sector, educational institutions and individuals to upgrade/replace their existing EUROCOM computers with the newer EUROCOM models and receive a discount from Eurocom retail prices.

Why would I trade my old EUROCOM Notebook in?

There are so many reasons why trading in your old EUROCOM Notebook or All-In-One computer for a brand new EUROCOM system is an excellent opportunity. Here are just a few...

1. Latest Technology - Have the latest in EUROCOMs mobile technology, featuring power and functionality with various units to choose from to suit your specific needs.

2. Upgradability - Future upgradeability and expandability. You will have a unit that will help you keep up with current and future technologies. All EUROCOM notebooks and All-In-One purchases are fully upgradeable.

3. Warranty - Always have a new computer under warranty. You will have a new EUROCOM notebook and All-In-One that is under a standard one year warranty with an option to extend to a two or three year warranty.

4. Save Money - Save money on a new state-of-the-art EUROCOM notebook or All-In-One. Instead of disposing of your old EUROCOM, you will actually receive a discount from EUROCOM towards your new system.

What kind of discount can I expect?

This really depends on the age, condition and value of your notebook. You can expect to get between 5% to 20% discount off the cost of your new EUROCOM Notebook.

Please note:
1. There is no transfer of components or data from your old system to your new EUROCOM notebook or LCD-PC.
2. The discount is based on the age and condition of your current system and will be deducted from the current price of any new EUROCOM model with any configuration you would like to purchase.
3. The Trade In Program does not apply to EUROCOM models sold through the Factory Outlet.
4. The trade in value cannot be combined with any other EUROCOM coupons or special offers.
5. All sales made through the Trade In Program are final. No exchanges or returns allowed.