How to submit your order and get 10% discount?

1. Review our laptop line-up and choose your ideal Eurocom system!

2. Configure it to your needs & place your Order by clicking “Order”.

3. Enter into the "configuration instructions" the name of your
Education Institution, Faculty and your Student ID card #.

4. Place order by clicking "Order" at bottom of screen.
You will be sent an email containing your "Order Confirmation Number".

5. Send an email to including your “Order Confirmation Number” along with proof of your enrollment in the form of a photo of your student card, admission letter, or any valid proof of enrollment.

6. We will apply 10% discount before processing your payment. The discount will be given before taxes and shipping charges.

7. You will receive a confirmation email from Eurocom in regards to payment being processed & your system being shipped.

8. Register your notebook and check back with Eurocom for new deals, future upgrades & exciting news!